Refinished Dining Table


I was given this table and decided that I wanted to spruce it up a little. I used a Black & Decker hand held sander for the top – that was the most difficult part of the process for me. With the details on the bottom of the table, I wanted to keep it simple & add a touch of color. I used a spray paint in deep turquoise – I used a gloss. After I sanded & cleaned the top of the table, I applied a few coats of stain until I got the color that I wanted. I applied a sealer about two days later, just to make sure that the stain had dried completely. That stuff takes forever sometimes! Once I sealed it, I put the table back together and here it is! So happy with the results, now I have another table I’ll be doing. I’m thinking dark green top, with copper stand. Green seems to be in for 2017 so I’m excited about this one. I will be posting soon!

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