Updated brass chandelier

DIY brass to beauty.

Welcome! Thanks for tuning in to my page- you can expect to find any projects on here that I’ve completed around the house (or even better for a little side $$$). So here goes…

My sister is currently pregnant, working on her doctorate & trying to renovate a new house with tons of work to do, so I’ve been traveling to Texas from Nashville, TN to help her out a little bit & this is one of the many projects I’ve been working on. So easy to do, it’s already time to post & install! Her nursery is going to be a little bit more gender neutral, no crazy wallpaper or colors, but we will be using bright colors in the details to bring the room to life. The house – built in the 90’s – had the popular brass chandeliers that came with so many from that time period, we decided to spruce it up & paint it yellow since it was gonna cost us about $5 instead of $150 brand new.

1. We removed the chandelier from the foyer (thank God my boyfriend is an electrician. I’d suggest you also use someone that knows what they’re doing).

2. I cleaned it with just a little bit of soap & water to remove all of the built up dust from 1992. I let that dry for a little bit. I also removed all of the bulbs & put cotton balls in the top where the bulbs are supposed to be so I didn’t get paint in there. You could also use paper towels.

3. I grabbed one of the black iron stands on the side of the house that you stick in the ground to hold a little garden flag & hung my clean chandelier on there. Very important for it to be cleaned!!!! Prepping is always key! 🔑

(You can find one at Ace Hardware for under $10 if you don’t already have one or hang it from a tree limb, or set it on newspaper.)

4. I used Valspars spray paint in yellow with the paint + primer & applied a light coat. I always feel like the first coat is just light enough to make your later coats stick better. More like applying a really light coat of adhesive (which is what paint is) for my next coat or two to stick to, which those will be for color. Let that dry for a couple of minutes.

5. I applied my second coat lightly as well & already the color was showing like it should be. You are trying to avoid dripping. I personally let that dry & went to work on some other thing around the house for a couple of hours, but you don’t have to wait THAT long.

6. Once it had dried for a while, I came back and checked to see if I had missed any spots (although it doesn’t have to be perfect because you’re kinda going for the funky look if you’re hanging a bright yellow chandelier in a bedroom.)

7. Everything looked good, especially on the bottom where everyone will see, so now we will just wait 24-48 hours to make sure that all of the paint is dried completely before installing in the nursery & voila!


New Adventures

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get out of this awkward cycle of needing to hustle food in order to make enough money to survive & still have some left over for my savings account. I quit serving for a year & dipped my toes into banking… but then I thought.. dang, this is such a cold, sterile environment. Everything I’m supposed to say is so heavily regulated – it’s hard to feel sincere. I knew if I could stick with it long enough a promotion would be on its way, so I thought about the promotion & motivated myself to keep on pushing for a few more months until one day I finally said f*** this.

Here I am now, a few months later & I’ve decided to create a little hype for myself with this here website (done on Monday), I’ve started talking about it with people over the last few weeks, and I’ve taken off every Monday & Thursday to be able to focus on relieving some of this creative energy.

So far, I’ve been given two connections with interior designers. The goal there is to impress them enough that they hire me to find cool, artistic pieces whenever they are designing a home. I want to be the girl they call when they need something funky or cool like a dresser that needs to be modern or painted black. I’ve reached out to them & will be forever grateful for the woman that gave me their information.

Next, I was serving a couple from the country club & started asking them about what they do for a living. Turns out, he’s a freaking FURNITURE wholesaler. Get outta here, right? Wrong. He needs someone that can work on furniture by the truckload to repair little scuffs or holes on things that he sells in his store. He wants that person to be me! I am so incredibly humbled & blessed for this opportunity. We will be crunching numbers this week to figure out how we can both be profitable, I will get to show him what I can do, & I will have a chance to make money doing what I love. ❤️

Thanks for checking in,

Jessica 🌻

Refinished Dining Table


I was given this table and decided that I wanted to spruce it up a little. I used a Black & Decker hand held sander for the top – that was the most difficult part of the process for me. With the details on the bottom of the table, I wanted to keep it simple & add a touch of color. I used a spray paint in deep turquoise – I used a gloss. After I sanded & cleaned the top of the table, I applied a few coats of stain until I got the color that I wanted. I applied a sealer about two days later, just to make sure that the stain had dried completely. That stuff takes forever sometimes! Once I sealed it, I put the table back together and here it is! So happy with the results, now I have another table I’ll be doing. I’m thinking dark green top, with copper stand. Green seems to be in for 2017 so I’m excited about this one. I will be posting soon!